How to Get the Cheapest Electricity Bill

How to get the cheapest electricity bill


Thursday 17th December 2020’s Clean Energy News topic is about how get the cheapest electricity bill.

Electricity in Queensland has been deregulated for a couple of years now so there is no choice where there was none before.  Plus, at this time of year in Queensland, households typically get hit with the highest bills of the year because of the cost of air conditioning.  
While many Queenslanders continue to pay for their power to one of the big three providers, and for some Queenslanders, they still have no choice of providers, an increasing number of people are realising that they can save a lot of money by changing. It has never been easier to change!
Right now, if you go to you can upload your electricity bill and be given a list of providers in your area who may offer a better deal for your electricity. It is really that easy and that fast.  
We have a new client getting a beautiful new solar system installed on Monday who, as soon as we have the system online and connected, we will review the families electricity bill to ensure they are on the best plan for their circumstances.  I already know we are going to save them even more money than we already are from the solar because I have put their electricity bill in our system and the savings are below:
Cheap electricity bill
There are no tricks, no catches. We do not get your personal details and we will not call you or email you after you use our free service unless you ask us to.  
Once you have uploaded your bill and then chosen the plan you want to go with, you select “Apply Online” put your details into the providers form and that’s it. The provider looks after the rest and you can sit back and enjoy the savings. 
If you are interested in learning more about ways to save money on your electricity bill, call one of our team of experts on 07 3387 3470 or book a call back here
Join in the conversation and feel free to ask questions that you would like us to answer during the episode in the comments below.

At Eco Power Market, we use only CEC accredited, tried and tested products with solid warranties from Companies that have been around for a long period of time.  We take absolute pride in our workmanship, offering a lifetime guarantee on any work we perform and we take our ongoing service and support to the next level by actively monitoring your system for you and notifying you if there are any issues.  

Our mission is to lead 1 billion global citizen to be carbon neutral by 2030 and we know that if people have a bad experience, this will slow down others wanting to take the clean energy journey.  Our goal is to create an experience that is above and beyond your expectations so you can feel what it is like to work with a company lifting the bar on value and enhanced service. 

Plus, we won’t just whack a solar system on your roof and walk away.  Our energy experts will work with you to optimise the way you use your energy to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck and we regularly review your tariffs and plans to ensure any grid connection expenses are minimised.

 At Eco Power Market, we are changing the way homeowners and business owners manage their power costs as they transition to clean energy. What used to be a confusing overwhelming chore is now simple and easy with our expert guidance. We are here to make sure you get the best advice possible and to ensure the transition to saving money, reducing your energy use and transitioning to clean and renewable energy is a smooth and delightful experience.

Simply click on this link to talk to a local Queenslander who will listen to you and who understand your needs. 

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