Your Guide to Smart Home Tech for 2021

Guide to Smart Home Tech for 2021


Tuesday 22nd December 2020’s Clean Energy News topic is about smart home tech for 2021.

Being the last Clean Energy News episode for 2020, I thought it would be a good idea to look forward into the new year at what is possible to make life easier and better.  Smart home tech is becoming cheaper and easier, even for those of us who are technologically challenged.  
The great thing about smart home tech is that it makes it easier to manage our power costs as you can control appliances in your home without having to be there. For example, you and your family are at work and school during the day.  You have loaded your washing and dirty dishes into your washing and dishwashing machines the night before or early in the morning before leaving.  You can set a timer to automatically turn on your appliances when your solar is generating the maximum amount of power during the middle of the day or use an app to turn them on. 
So what are the predictions for smart home tech in 2021? 

Voice Assistant’s – AI

There are a few different voice assistant’s available on the market now with the predominant brands being from Amazon and Google.  Advances in artificial intelligence have progressed significantly. So much so, talking to our assistant’s may be needed less and less as these devices learn what we want and do it for us automatically.  These devices have the goal of predicting and proactively determining your desires. For example, they will make sure your house is at your ideal temperature with the lights on in the areas you will need them before you get home. 

Home Security

Life is getting harder for criminals with smart tech.  One development on its way in this department are security drones that activate when an intruder breaks in. The Always Home Cam is being developed so you can get inside footage of the inside of your home if there is a disturbance detected. You could also use it to check things like whether you accidentally left on appliances and lights or have left windows open during a storm.
Some of the benefits of a system like this as opposed to traditional cameras is that you only need one device (per floor), it is simple to setup and operate and it is cheap with a predicted cost of just AU$350~ish. This device is expected to be available to buy early 2021. 

Low-Power Wi-Fi

There are more and more developments in the area of long-term batteries running low-power Wi-Fi meaning many devices like smoke alarms can become connected devices that you can control from your phone. This tech draws about 5,000 times less power than a standard Wi-Fi connection and can be made to sizes no bigger than a grain of rice.   
Smart home tech is not only making life easier for people, it is also being increasingly used to improve the sustainability of homes through increased energy efficiency.  Smart grids, virtual power plants and peer-to-peer trading of energy are all tech developments that are in the market today and are being improved upon constantly to help families save money and energy. 
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